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Philosophy & Mission


New Roads School believes all children deserve access to education that places traditional academic pursuits in contemporary context, engaging students’ hearts and minds to explore the opportunities and address the challenges of our ever-evolving world. Weaving together the kaleidoscope of communities that makes up Los Angeles, we inspire our students to become creative thinkers, committed citizens, and compassionate human beings.

Born of a felt responsibility to prepare young people for the world that awaits them, New Roads School seeks to spark enduring curiosity, to promote personal, social, political, cultural and moral understanding, to instill respect for the life and ecology of the earth, and to foster the sensitivity to embrace life's deep joys and mysteries.

New Roads School rests upon several fundamental commitments:

  • Development of a diverse community in which all differences - personal, cultural economic, ethnic, racial - become a framework for learning and for bringing people together

  • Recognition, appreciation, and encouragement of each person’s full and unique human potential

  • Academic excellence and excellence in artistic and physical expression

  • Responsible and honorable participation in the larger ecological and social community


Our unique college preparatory program invites students to pursue knowledge with passion and with the courage to think independently, to question with clarity and purpose, and to act with humility and wisdom. We view education not as a race for the accumulation of facts, but as an opportunity for students to develop habits of mind and character, to nurture an ever-expanding awareness of the human situation, and to acquire the tools needed for effective personal, social, political and moral participation.

Because intelligence expresses itself in many ways, it is our goal to inspire young people to develop and appreciate cognition, artistic and physical expression, imagination and creativity, compassion, intuition, and the value of personal understanding and wellbeing.



New Roads was established in 1995 as a model for education in the ethnically, racially, culturally, and socio-economically diverse community of greater Los Angeles. New Roads began as a middle school program with 70 students and now serves over 650 students, grades K-12.  No less than 40% of our tuition budget is devoted to need-based financial aid every year, enabling us to provide financial assistance to more than 50% of our families, allowing New Roads to enroll students of promise and potential regardless of financial wherewithal. 

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