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Thank you for your interest in the Moss Theater for your special event!


The Moss Theater is not open to the public.

Please schedule an appointment by emailing if you wish to tour the facilities. 


The Moss Theater is only available for rental by non-profit organizations.

If you are curious about usage fees please, please click the Usage Fees link below. And you can also scroll down for information about rental policies.


New Roads School, in conjunction with the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Department, has provided over 100 nonprofits with free and discount days of use of the Moss Theater over a period of five years. 2018/19 marked our sixth and final year of this arrangement. 


Moss Theater Ground Plan

Moss Theater Seating Chart

Moss Theater Usage Fees

Moss Theater Insurance Requirements


  • Please fill out and submit the Booking Inquiry Form.

  • You will receive an email confirming whether or not your requested date/s are available within 2 weeks of inquiry.

  • A cost estimate will be provided for your review and acceptance.

  • To hold a date, we will need a copy of your 501(c)3 letter.

  • To secure available dates, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your cost estimate is required within a week of putting the date on hold. You can cancel your event up to three months prior but your deposit will be kept. We require an additional $750 refundable deposit if you plan on serving liquor.

  • Upon approval of the cost estimate, you will receive a contract from the Moss.

  • You will need to submit the following items: Proof of your 501c3 organizational status, an executed contract, and evidence of general liability and workers' compensation (and liquor liability, if required) insurance coverage worth $1,000,000 per occurrence naming New Roads School as Certificate Holder.

  • Upon receipt of the items listed above, the event is considered "booked" and you may begin publicity and marketing of the event. No advertising or marketing is to take place until a contract is signed, or we reserve the right to cancel your event.

  • Due to time restraints, 1 walk-through of the space and 1 production meeting are included with your rental. Additional walk-throughs are charged at the flat rate of $50/ea; additional production meetings charged at $100/hr. Production meetings are not scheduled without an executed contract and payment in full.

  • The remaining payment must be received one month prior to your event. All checks should be made out to "New Roads School" and sent att: Che'Rae Adams.



  • Alcohol may only be served by professional bartenders/caterers who are trained and certified to serve liquor. Caterers/servers must provide a certificate of insurance to New Roads School indicating that they have liquor legal liability coverage.

  • Alcohol may not be sold unless the vendor/caterer has a valid liquor license and appropriate insurance in place.

  • All alcohol bottles must be removed by the client or client designee (bartender, caterer or event planner) and discarded in waste receptacles off-campus. New Roads trash bins may not be used. Any violation of this will result in a $250 clean-up fee charged to the Tenant.

  • The client or client designee must have a procedure in place for determining the age of all guests. It is against California State law to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

  • Alcohol may ONLY be served and consumed in the Lobby, the Garden, and the Leadership Center by a certified bartender. ALL alcoholic beverages must be served in cups. All containers of alcohol must remain behind the bar at all times, except during set-up and clean-up.

  • For family-oriented events, where under-age children are likely to be present, the consumption of alcohol is limited to the Leadership Center ONLY, which is the only area that can be isolated from under-age children. The tenant must also assign supervisors to all entrance and exit points of said room to prevent ANY alcoholic beverages from leaving the designated area.

  • All events requesting the service of alcohol must sign the "alcohol addendum" included in your event contract.

  • There is a $750.00 refundable deposit if you are planning on serving liquor which will be forfeited if NRS policies are not followed.

  • In addition, you need to add liquor liability to your insurance certificate.



  • We require all events to have a minimum of 3 crew members.

  • We provide basic sound only - microphones for amplifying speech. Musical acts that require instrument amplification and sound mixing must provide their own technicians. (We have a sound mixing board on-site for your audio technician to use.)

  • A "day" is considered to be 8 consecutive hours during a 24 hour period (starting at midnight and ending at 11:59 pm). Additional hours will be charged at an hourly rate. If your booking exceeds 8 consecutive hours, crew rates will be charged at time and a half per hour, each additional hour. 

  • We require you to have 2 extra security guards on-site for your performances. Their job is to assist with audience parking and crowd control but they do not park cars or deal with guest lists.



  • Please keep in mind that on school days (Mon-Fri), load in for your event cannot occur before 3:30 pm. If there is a rehearsal in the theater, then it could be as late as 6 pm, depending on the schedule that day. 

  • Due to time restraints, 1 walk-through of the space and 1 production meeting are included with your rental. Additional walk-throughs charged at the flat rate of $50/ea; additional production meetings charged at $100/hr.

  • All party rental items (tables, linens, etc.) must be delivered and picked up within your contracted rental hours. We are an operating school during the day and cannot store rentals. 

  • All party rental items (tables, linens, etc.) that are delivered must be signed for by you or a member of your staff. Our staff is not responsible for delivery inspections or troubleshooting issues with rental agencies. 

  • Portable stoves, hot plates, outdoor heaters, etc requiring electricity require advance approval and an additional charge for an electrician to be onsite. Traditional chafing dishes with open flames are allowed.



  • New Roads School, in conjunction with the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Department, has provided over 100 nonprofits with free and discount days of use of the Moss Theater over a period of five years. There will not be applications for free or discount days for our 2019/2020 school year. 



  • We require all producers to have 2-3 Front of House Ushers per door, depending on if there is assigned or general seating. Clients will either need to provide their own ushers, or Front of House staff will be provided by the Moss Theater at $25/hr per person.

  • We provide a Front of House Supervisor for your event. You will be charged $42 per hour if your rental runs over 8 hours.

  • The Moss Theater does not provide box office or ticketing services. Clients are responsible for their own ticketing.

  • 9 of our 350 seats are wheelchair accessible. They must be held and sold to people with disabilities up until 30 minutes before the show. At that time, they can be released and sold to the general public. 

  • We have assisted listening devices located in the event supervisor’s office for attendees who may need them.



  • Our piano may be rented but must not be altered (this includes prepared piano & decor).

  • Due to the delicate nature of our stage floor, we cannot accommodate tap shoes, or tape of any kind, unless used on our rentable Marley floor. 


For inclusion on our website, please provide​:

  • A written description of your event

  • A written description of your organization

  • Link and/or contact information for tickets/reservations

  • A high resolution picture of your speaker/featured artist/organization and/or

  • A graphic banner (860 x 267 pixels and 150-300 DPI )


Scripted plays with cues require rehearsal.

  • Must have one (1) point person (director or producer) 

  • Two (2) production meetings are mandatory and at an additional cost

  • Dry tech is mandatory and at an additional cost

  • Scripts for each crew member with sound and light cues written inside must be provided by client

  • Restaging rehearsal for actors before show at an additional cost (preferably not on show day) as follows:

    • 1 hour for 45 minutes or less running time​

    • 2 hours for 1 hour running time

    • 3 hours for 1-1.5 hour running time

    • 4 hours for 2 hour running time

  • Separate tech rehearsal at an additional cost as follows:

    • 4 hours for 45 minutes running time​

    • 6 hours for 1 -1.5 hour running time

    • 8 hours for 2 hour running time

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